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A brand new historic aviation publication for those who still run to the window when something flies over...

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There's something for everyone in the all new Wingleader Magazine

In an age where aviation magazines are becoming more and more limited in their range of content in an attempt to stick to subjects that sell, Wingleader Magazine will cover the broadest range of interests, such as aviation modelling, archaeology, art, books and of course history.

So, a new aviation magazine with a broad range of articles, predominantly based around WWII military aviation but with a freedom to delve into WWI, Gulf War, Classic Airliners and even the Reid and Sigrist Snargasher if the story is interesting enough!

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Wingleader Magazine is FREE. Funded by advertising and sponsorship, Wingleader Magazine is a FREE monthly digital download available worldwide to anyone on any device.
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We know the words ‘digital download’ don’t stick well with many older enthusiasts (including ourselves!) who at best have a love-hate relationship with this sort of technology and who much prefer the smell and feel of printed paper. Don’t worry. For our fellow ‘traditionalists’ we will be printing a quarterly compendium of the most recent three issues which will be available to buy individually or as a yearly subscription. These compendia will be printed to the highest standards, (as with all Red Kite/Wing Leader books), and will only contain the magazine articles, so all advertising and editorial pages will be removed.

For aviation enthusiasts,
by aviation enthusiasts

Although the editorial team can call upon top historians from around the world for articles, Wingleader Magazine will also provide opportunities for amateur researchers and enthusiasts to publish their work. Every enthusiast has his or her own special interest, be it a particular squadron, pilot, airfield, aircraft type etc. Most of this dedicated research is never published as opportunities are limited in the conventional market. Here at Wingleader, we have a library of over 25,000 military aviation photos and a team of highly experienced writers and publishers who can transform any basic research into a readable and memorable feature article.

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Wingleader Magazine is a FREE monthly digital download available worldwide to anyone on any device.
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Beautifully designed

The biggest visual difference is of course our choice of landscape instead of portrait format. We chose this for two reasons, firstly all monitor screens are landscape format so a single page will be easily readable without needing enlargement. Secondly, as we are mainly a photo based magazine, it allows us to reproduce images to a print width of up to 300mm instead of the usual 210mm, so 50% larger, providing much greater detail and clarity.

The story so far...

Right: Mark Postlethwaite and Simon Parry in a cold, wet French field in October 2007 whilst filming the TV documentary ‘Last of the Dambusters’. Below their feet lay the remains of Dambuster Lancaster ED825, the aircraft flown by Joe McCarthy on the Dams Raid.
In the summer of 1986, 22 year old aviation artist Mark Postlethwaite was asked to paint a few cover paintings for Aircraft Modelworld magazine based in Surrey. On the staff of Aircraft Modelworld at the time was 28 year old Simon Parry who had recently setup his own publishing company ‘Air Research’ and was looking for cover art for some of his first books. The pair duly worked on several projects together and established a firm friendship forged by their common interest in WWII aviation history...

In 1990 Mark and Simon set up Red Kite as a joint venture to publish aviation books with a particular emphasis on a large photo content and high quality reproduction. These books proved to be an immediate success with several titles selling out within a year or so. Throughout the next two decades, both continued with their specific fields of interest, Simon in aviation archaeology and research and Mark by this time as a professional aviation artist.

In 2010 Mark and Simon formed Wing Leader Ltd to be an online retailer for all books published under their imprints. They brought Mark’s old friend Wesley Cornell in to design the website and to keep the technology at the cutting edge as online retailing developed. The concept of Wing Leader Ltd was always to include more than just books, as between them Mark and Simon had amassed a huge WWII photo library of over 25,000 images in the form of online library

In 2014 Wesley Cornell launched a new magazine for accountants using the Xero software called XU Magazine. Using crowdfunding to get it off the ground, the magazine quickly grew. This success triggered discussions between the three as to whether the same principles could be applied to an aviation magazine. With Wes’s experience in the magazine sector and Mark and Simon’s vast amount of aviation material and contacts, it seemed to be an obvious move and Wingleader Magazine was born.
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